Graduate Studies



Responsibility for admission decisions is vested in the Graduate Admissions Committee (GAC). All applicants seeking admission into a M.A. program must first meet the general admissions standard of and be admitted into the University. In addition to the general reqirements for admission to the University, applicants for M.A. degree programs must also meet the following requirements.


Undergraduate preparation for the M.A. Degree
  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, from an institution approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education or from a national or international institution that meets these standards.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher (on a four-point scale) in all baccalaureate work. Based on individual merit, at the discretion of the GAC, an applicant whose grade point average is below 2.5 may be admitted into the program on a provisional status — requiring the applicant to complete the first 12 credit hours of graduate level courses with grades of “B” or above before receiving further consideration for regular standing in a M.A. degree program.


General Admission Procedure

Application forms for M.A. program is obtained from the university’s Office of Admissions and Records and returned to the office after completion. The following materials are required before a decision on admission can be made by the GAC:

  1. Official transcripts of all academic work taken since graduation from high school. A final official transcript indicating that the bachelor’s degree has been granted should be submitted. If the bachelor’s degree has not been granted at the time that the student applies for admission into a M.A. degree  program, then the student — upon reception of the bachelor’s degree — should immediately make arrangements to have an official transcript sent to WCU indicating that the bachelor’s degree has been granted.
  2. Application Form: an application is valid for one year.
  3. Payment of the application fee—$100.00(nonrefundable).


WCU Graduation Requirements

Common-Core-Curriculum Courses for all M.A. Degrees: 20 units (Required Courses)

Students who have previously completed some of the required courses in the Common-Core-Curriculum may select courses from their majors restricted electives to satisfy the M.A. degree unit requirement.

BST 540      Old Testament Interpretation (4)

BST 560      New Testament Theology (4)

CE 600        Christian Ethics (4)

HS 580        History of Christianity I (4) TP 580 Systematic Theology (4)


Master of Art in Theological Studies Program Restricted Electives: 42 units

1. Two(2) courses, 8 units from:

 TP 530        Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought (4)

TP 612         Biblical Theology (4)

TP 642         Process Theology (4)

TP 655         Philosophical Theology (4)

TP 660         Study in Asian Religious and Philosophical Thoughts (4)

TP 670         The Cultural Context of Theology and Ministry (4)

TP 710         Special Study: Systematic Theology and Philosophy (4)


2. Historical Studies Electives Two(2) Courses, 8 units from:

HS 561        History and Pastoral Care (4) HS 581     History of Christianity II (4)

HS 610        History of The Reformation (4)

HS 637        Luther and The Lutheran Reformation (4)

HS 640        American Church History and Theology (4)

HS 647        Korean Church History (4)

HS 670        Concepts and Methods of Religious Thought (4)

HS 710      Special Study: History of Christianity (4)


3. New Testament.

Two (2) Courses, 8 units from:

BST 543       New Testament Background (4)

BST 558       New Testament Ethics (4)

 BST 585      Exegesis of the New Testament (4)

BST 608       The Church in the New Testament (4)

BST 620       Eschatology and the New Testament (4) 

BST 710       Special Study: Old and/or New Testament (4)


4. Religious Education 

Two courses, 8 units from:

 E 604        Formative Figures in Religious Education (4)

RE 615       The Bible and Religious Education (4)

RE 630       Multicultural Religious Education (4)

RE 640       Religious Education and Faith Development (4)

RE 705       Contemporary Theories of Religious Education (4)

RE 710       Special Study: Religious Education (4)

RE 720       Seminar: Problems and Issues in Religious Education(4)


5. Biblical Languages

Electives One (1) Course, 4 units from:

BST 410       Greek I (4)

BST 412       Greek II (4)

BST 414       Hebrew I (4)

BST 416       Hebrew II (4)


6. Students must select and complete one of the options listed in 14 below: (All courses are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis)

1. RM 710,   Research Methodology(2) and EO 715 Field Education(4), Total: 6.0 units

2. RM 710, Research Methodology(2) and EO 716, Integrative Seminar (4), Total: 6.0 units

3. RM 710, Research Methodology(2) and EO 717, Project Option (4), Total: 6.0 units

4. RM 710, Research Methodology(2) and EO 718, Thesis Option(4), Total: 6.0 units