Western Covenant University was founded by Dr.David Oh as an academic institution of higher learning which focuses on the incorporation of Christian tenets into the didactic approaches to higher education. Through this approach students will be prepared to make meaningful contributions to their churches and society as active Christians or lay leaders.
As a Christian focused instruction that seeks to integrate faith and learning through innovative teaching, creative scholarship and the practical experience of devotion, WCU is a place for intellectual and spiritual growth two processes that often intertwine in unexpected ways and can never and should never be disentangled. Both course work and devotion contribute to these interconnected processes which involve increasing knowledge of the scriptures and traditions of the church; of the disciplines of Theology, ethics, homiletics and church music; and of the methods and concerns appropriate to pastoral Theology and Christian education all these, if pursued rightly, will affect the whole person in relation to God and society. The practice of prayer, participation in public worship, the hearing and preaching of sermons, and the cultivation of spirituality and piety in the more personal sense of these terms have an effect not only on our inner disposition and sense of connection with God, but also with our intellectual understanding of God, and the world. It is the business of a Christian education to help the student integrate these elements.
WCU is committed to serve God and society by equipping historic and emerging faith communities for a changing world. We affirm our mission to educate men and women for ministry and other forms of religious leadership and to be a center and resource for Christian thought in an interfaith and pluralistic context. We affirm our ecumenical and Christian heritage and commitment as an open and affirming community that honors diversity and presses toward racial, gender, and economic justice. We seek to embody these values and disciplines in our programs and our common life.
At WCU you’ll enter a unique intersection of faith and learning communities. This is a place to ask questions, test new ideas, and practice ways of ministering; to make discoveries about yourself as a person of faith and about your own spirituality in relation to other traditions. When you leave, you’ll be uniquely equipped to help historic and emerging faith communities claim a vital role in the world.
To meet the needs of its students, the University is organized into an educational delivery system based on the democratic process in which the student is the prime concern. In the quest for academic quality, the University has a commitment to increase and strengthen the quality of teaching in the classroom through trying varied teaching models, careful evaluation and feedback.